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Official website of the President of Russia

About website

Information about the site

The Russian President’s official website publishes news about the President’s activities, transcripts, photographs, video and audio recordings of events involving his participation, texts of documents signed by the President, information on trips and visits, messages, and other current information relating to the work of the President and Presidential Executive Office.

The site’s new version

A new version of the website was launched on April 8, 2015.

The previous version of the website was launched more than five years ago. Technology has changed since then and there are new formats for presenting information today, but most important of all is that we have received a lot of feedback from users, which we have done our best to take into account in designing the new version.

What are the new site’s main innovations?

We have created a single archive for the presidential site’s materials starting from January 2000. All materials are available on the new site and have been indexed in the search system.

To make texts easier to read on the screen, we have changed their format and used new fonts. Adaptable design makes it possible to use the site on various devices, from smartphones and tablets to wide-format display screens. If your browser window has a width of more than 1,570 pixels, you can read the site’s materials while continuing to navigate the page from which you came to the selected publication.

The site now offers expanded possibilities for work with transcripts. Previously, we introduced a system making it possible to search by speaker and subject when using transcripts, which made work with long documents easier. Now, this system can be used not only for texts but also for video recordings.

The site has a new section called Structure. Here, you can find reference materials on the institution of the presidency and information on the work of the state bodies, presidential consultative and advisory bodies, which were previously available on the State site. Thus, all news and information about the work of the President, Presidential Executive Office, State Council, Security Council, and the presidential commissions and councils are now available on a single news resource.

The site’s English version has also been updated along with the Russian-language version. Now, when you switch to English on the site, you are taken automatically to the section or material that you last had open (if the material or section you were using has been translated).

The site’s main address – – remains unchanged.

The site’s new design uses photographs from the Presidential Press Service and the news agencies Rossiya Segodnya, TASS and Reuters.

Technical information

To support the site’s latest version and innovations, we recommend using the following browser versions: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox 4, Google Chrome 5, Opera 11.5, Safari 5.0 and higher.

The site uses navigation without the need to reload each page. This is supported by all modern browsers and makes work with the site a smoother process and cuts the time needed to load and display each page.

The current version of the website offers four types of page display system: mobile, tablet, ordinary, and high-definition format.

All images on the site have been adapted for viewing on devices with standard and high pixel density (retina). Graphic user interface elements are presented in the form of vector images (.svg), which do not lose clarity when zooming, and are duplicated in a raster (.png) for older browser versions.

English version of the President of Russia’s website and related Internet resources:

  • – English-language version of the official presidential site