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Instructions on implementing President’s Address to Federal Assembly

May 2, 2021

Vladimir Putin endorsed a list of instructions on implementing the items in the President’s Address to the Federal Assembly of April 21, 2021.

The instructions to the Government of the Russian Federation concern, in part, payment of benefits (including for pregnant women and children in single-parent families that are entitled to alimony but are not getting it); partial reimbursement for a paid tourist package; federal social support measures in the Social Treasury format in a difficult situation; budget allocations for the construction, reconstruction and major repairs of rural cultural centres; the upgrading of libraries; reconstruction, major repairs and equipment of children’s theatres and municipal museums, as well as repairs and equipment of teacher-training universities; the annual purchase of at least 4,000 new school buses of Russian make; grants for creating student technology parks, business incubators and long-term market mechanisms to guarantee stable prices on goods and saturation of the domestic market with quality products; and for creating the Cultural Initiatives Presidential Foundation.

The instructions to the Government also provide for supporting small and medium-sized businesses; using resources from the National Wealth Fund to finance transport infrastructure projects on condition of repayment; using information modeling technology in designing and building infrastructure facilities and using energy efficient and eco-friendly materials, in part, with due account for the requirement to produce them in Russia; granting targeted loans at an interest of no more than 4 percent for housing construction; tax incentives to prompt companies to increase the funding of investment projects in Russia from their own profits; including youth support events in national projects; using environmental payments for eliminating accumulated damage to the environment, restoring damaged environmental areas and specially protected natural areas.

In addition, the Government has been instructed to provide proposals on compiling an extensive list of new socio-economic initiatives for the Russian Federation that are aimed at reaching the national development goals of the Russian Federation and implementing the tasks set forth in the President’s Address to the Federal Assembly of April 21, 2021.

The Government has also been instructed to ensure the implementation of the most important innovation projects of national significance, which are aimed at developing Russian technologies for the production of a broad range of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and new generation medications designed for treating infections resistant to modern antibiotics, with the use of predominantly domestic equipment and components; at developing and implementing new approaches to generating nuclear and hydrogen energy, renewable energy sources and energy storage devices; at creating a national system of precision monitoring and recycling of climatically active gases, in part, for carrying out an eco-friendly (low carbon) conversion of economic sectors; at preventing the spread of new infections by developing test systems for identifying them in four days and for developing effective vaccines in four months.

A number of instructions to the Government concern the financial sustainability and self-sufficiency of regional and municipal budgets, the provision of budget loans to cover various debts in the regions and municipalities, as well as investment expenses, including those on infrastructure construction, and also procedures for state financial control by the Federal Treasury.

The Government has been instructed to ensure, in cooperation with the State Duma, the introduction of social and environmental amendments to the legislation.

The Government has been instructed to amend the legislation in cooperation with the Bank of Russia and the State Duma.

Instructions to the Government, to be carried out in cooperation with the VEB.RF State Development Corporation, provide for the construction of at least 1,300 schools by late 2024. Also, extra-budget funding and the development of mechanisms for reducing the risk for private investment in projects on Russian territory are to be completed.

The Government has been given a number of instructions to be implemented jointly with regional executive government bodies. These concern, in part, the remuneration of teachers; preventive medical examinations and physicals; additional federal funding for at least 5,000 ambulances in rural areas, semi-urban localities and townships; the additional purchase of at least 500 sets of mobile equipment for medical aid in villages and townships; and promotion of the tourist potential in the Golden Ring cities, Caucasus Mineral Waters, the Volga Region, Crimea and a number of small towns, in part, by using budget infrastructure loans.

The Government of the Russian Federation has been given a number of instructions to be carried out in cooperation with the governments of some regions.

In developing the Strategy for the Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation with low greenhouse gas emissions until 2050, the Government of the Russian Federation has been instructed to reduce the amount of pure greenhouse gas emissions accumulated in Russia from 2021 to 2050, to a level below the figures of the European Union.

The National People’s Front (ONF) has been advised to monitor compliance with these instructions.

The Government has been instructed to ensure the funding of the measures envisaged in this list of instructions.

May 2, 2021