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Instructions following a meeting of the Council for Interethnic Relations

December 4, 2016

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions drafted following a meeting of the Council for Interethnic Relations on October 31, 2016.

The Presidential Executive Office has been instructed to draft proposals for organising the Year of Russian National Unity in Russia.

The Government has been instructed to designate the federal executive body responsible for drafting and implementing state policy and legal regulation in the area of migrants’ social and cultural adaptation and integration.

The Government has also been tasked with drawing up a draft federal law establishing the legal, organisational and economic foundations for foreign citizens’ social and cultural adaptation in Russia and their integration into Russian society.

Other instructions to the Government concern, in particular, developing a state programme for implementing national ethnic policy and implementing it starting in 2017. The Government shall also add to the list of services provided by non-commercial organisations with a social focus services aimed at interethnic cooperation, migrants’ social and cultural adaptation and integration, preserving and protecting the unique cultures, languages and traditions of Russia’s peoples, and developing ethno-tourism.

The Government has also been tasked with establishing the House of Russia’s Peoples to support ethno-cultural and interethnic public associations and organisations taking part in implementing national ethnic policy.

Instructions to the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations concern preparing a draft legal act regulating relations in the area of strengthening the unity of the Russian Federation’s multi-ethnic people (the Russian nation).

The Russian Academy of Sciences has received the recommendation to establish a scientific council for interethnic relations.

December 4, 2016