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Official website of the President of Russia

Federal Assembly

is the parliament and supreme representative and legislative body of Russia.

The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation is a permanent body with functions and powers divided between its two chambers: the State Duma (lower chamber) and the Council of Federation (upper chamber).

Both chambers can sit jointly to hear addresses by the President of the Russian Federation, addresses by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, and speeches by leaders of foreign states.

The formation and composition principles of the chambers differ. The State Duma consists of 450 elected deputies, while in the Council of Federation every constituent entity of Russia is represented by one representative from its legislative and one representative from its executive bodies. An individual can not simultaneously be a member of the Council of Federation and a State Duma deputy. The State Duma deputies are elected for constitutionally-established five-year terms, while the members of the Council of Federation have no established term length.