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State Duma

is the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly or parliament of the Russian Federation. The State Duma consists of 450 deputies elected for five-year terms. These terms were established by the Law of the Russian Federation On Amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2008 and are effective since its official publication on December 31, 2008. Before this, deputies were elected for four-year terms.

The State Duma is charged, in particular, with approving the President of Russia’s appointment of the Prime Minister; voting on the confidence in the Government; appointing and dismissing the Chairman of the Central Bank, the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber, and the Human Rights Ombudsman; granting amnesty; and initiating impeachment procedures for dismissing the President of the Russian Federation from the office.

Through a majority vote, the State Duma may pass a no-confidence motion against the Government. The State Duma’s legislative prerogatives are its major functions.

As a rule, the State Duma has two sessions – a spring session (January 12 through June 20) and an autumn session (September 1 through December 25).

State Duma deputies hold immunity throughout the duration of their terms.