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Levitin Igor

Levitin Igor

Adviser to the President, Special Presidential Representative for International Cooperation in Transport

Born on February 21, 1952, in Tsebrikovo, Odessa Region, Ukraine.
1973 – graduated from the Railway Corps and Military Transport School, Leningrad (now St Petersburg).
1983 – graduated from the Military Logistics Support and Transport Academy with a degree in Railway Engineering.
1973–1976 – served on the Transdnestr Railway in the Odessa Military District.
1976–1980 – served in the South Army Group.
1983–1985 – Military Commandant of a railway section and Urgal station on the Baikal-Amur railway line (BAM).
1984 – took part in driving the Golden Spike, when eastern and western sections of the BAM were linked.
1985–1994 – Section Military Commandant, Head of a Military Transport Department and Deputy Head of Military Transport on the Moscow Railway.
1996–2004 – employed at SeverStalTrans.
1998 – Deputy CEO of SeverStalTrans; supervised the transport engineering sector, railway transport and seaport operations.
March 9, 2004 – appointed Transport and Communications Minister.
May 20, 2004 – appointed Transport Minister.
Since May 21, 2012 – Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.
Since September 2, 2013 – Aide to the President of the Russian Federation.
Since May 14, 2024 – Adviser to the President, Special Presidential Representative for International Cooperation in Transport
Was a member of the Public Council of the Government Commission for the Railway Transport Reform.
Married, with a daughter.