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Statement commenting on the Decision by US President Bill Clinton not to Assume Any Obligations to deploy a National ABM System

January 2, 2000

“US President Bill Clinton's decision not to take the responsibility for deploying the national anti-missile defence system is seen in Russia as a well thought-out and responsible step. I am sure that President Clinton made this decision based on a profound analysis and after considerable thought, with due regard, in particular, to the opinion of the US allies and partners.

“This decision will undoubtedly lead to strengthening strategic stability and security in the whole world, and will raise the United States' authority in the eyes of the international community, especially on the eve of the Millennium Summit.

“In no way does this mean that Washington and Moscow have identical attitudes towards the ABM issue. However, Russia is ready to further cooperate with the United Stated and other interested countries to ensure global security, including speedy progress towards further reduction of nuclear arsenals, improvement of missile and nuclear non-proliferation regimes, and strengthening of strategic stability by political means. Respective instructions have already been issued to the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Security Council.”

Vladimir PUTIN