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Decree of the President of the Russian Federation On National Anti-Corruption Strategy and National Anti-Corruption Plan for 2010–2011

April 13, 2010

Unofficial translation


With a view to consolidating the efforts of federal authorities, other public authorities, government bodies of the constituents of the Russian Federation, local authorities, civil society institutions, organizations and individuals aimed at countering corruption and in accordance with Article5, part1, paragraph1 of theFederal Law of 25 December 2008 N273 ФЗ ”On Countering Corruption“, Ihereby decree:

1. To adopt the enclosed National Anti-Corruption Strategy.

2. To set forth the new version of the National Anti-Corruption Plan, approved by the President of the Russian Federation on 31 July 2008, NPr1568 (The Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 5 August 2008) (see enclosed).

3. Head of Staff of Presidential Executive Office, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Countering Corruption should submit to the President once a year a report on theimplementation of the National Anti-Corruption Plan for2010-2011 and proposals to improve anti-corruption activities.

4. Heads of federal executive bodies and other government bodies should:

a) take effective measures to prevent and resolve the conflict of interests in public service;

b) guided by the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and National AntiCorruption Plan for 2010–2011, incorporate in the anti-corruption plans of relevant federal executive bodies and other government bodies amendments aimed at achieving concrete results by 1 June 2010;

c) organize oversight over implementation of planned measures;

d) ensure timely update of plans in accordance with the National Anti-Corruption Plan for the relevant period;

e) assist mass media to headline anti-corruption measures taken by relevant federal executive bodies and other government bodies;

f) summarize the practice of examination of appeals of citizens and organizations concerning corruption and take measures to improve results and increase effectiveness of work with appeals;

j) strengthen the anti-corruption component in professional retraining and upgrading or internships for federal government personnel.

5. To recommend:

a) to the Chamber of Accounts of the Russian Federation to reflect issues concerning prevention and countering corruption when submitting audit results to the Chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in accordance with Article 2 of the Federal Law of 11 January 1995, N4-ФЗ ”On the Chamber of Accounts of the Russian Federation“;

b) to government bodies of the constituents of the Russian Federation and to bodies of local self-government to be guided by paragraph4 of this Decree concerning anti-corruption plans of the relevant constituents of the Russian Federation and municipalities.

6. To propose to the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the All-Russian public organization ”Association of lawyers of Russia“, political parties, self-regulated organizations, public organizations of industrialists and entrepreneurs, and other public associations to promote in society anti-corruption attitudes.