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The 2019 National Award in Literature and Art has been conferred on Alexander Yermakov for establishing the Ivanovka Sergei Rachmaninoff Museum-Estate and educational activities

June 18, 2020

Alexander Yermakov was born on December 13, 1951, in the village of Uzun-Agach in Alma-Ata Region of the Kazakh SSR. Director of the Ivanovka Sergei Rachmaninoff Museum-Estate, Mr Yermakov is a Merited Worker of Culture and a Merited Master of the Arts of the Russian Federation. He has won Russian and international professional prizes and awards.

Mr Yermakov was among the founders of the Ivanovka Sergei Rachmaninoff Museum-Estate in Tambov Region and has been heading it for over 40 years. The village of Ivanovka inspired the great composer to create many of his pieces that are now part of the world music culture.

The estate was completely destroyed in 1922. Mr Yermakov and his colleagues performed a true marvel by recreating the image and spirit of the composer’s Ivanovka where music lives again. Since the 1980s, Ivanovka has hosted annual musical festivals attended by leading soloists and on-stage performance groups. Folklore festivals have been held with the museum’s support. Now Ivanovka is a scientific and educational centre, one of Russia’s best musical museums and a pilgrimage site for the world’s leading musicians.

Mr Yermakov has turned Ivanovka into a major destination in Tambov Region, a centre for preserving and promoting Russia’s great music culture.

His selfless labour is a major contribution to the development of domestic and world culture, a striking example of the creation of a centre for preserving the nation’s cultural heritage and promoting musical culture in the provinces.