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The 2019 Russian Federation National Award for outstanding achievements in humanitarian activity has been awarded to David Tukhmanov

June 18, 2020

David Tukhmanov was born in Moscow on July 20, 1940. He is a composer, National Artist of the Russian Federation, and winner of the Russian National Award in literature and the arts. He was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples and the Order for Services to the Fatherland, IV degree. He is a member of the Patriarchal Council for Culture.

In 1963, he graduated from the composer department of the Gnesin State Music Pedagogic Institute. Since the 1960s, he has composed dozens of songs, many of which became hits. His songs were broadcast on the radio and his albums sold in millions of copies.

In 1975, David Tukhmanov composed the song Victory Day with lyrics by Vladimir Kharitonov, and for 45 years it has remained the most important symbol of celebrations related to the Great Patriotic War.

In the 1990s, he has been actively involved in children’s musical projects, creating a repertoire for children’s companies, choirs and theatre shows. He worked as musical director of the Youth Olympic Games and Day of Russia celebrations in Moscow.

David Tukhmanov’s art stretches far beyond the genre of song: he has also composed music for opera, choir, chamber orchestra and performances as well as soundtracks for films.