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Comment by Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev following the Security Council meeting

May 20, 2022

Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev: At its meeting, the Security Council reviewed additional measures on preventing the consequences of new external threats in the use of IT technology.

It was noted that current threats to information security are designed to undermine the country’s defence capability and its law and order, and to degrade the socio-economic and socio-political situation in Russia.

The anonymity of the global information space, which Washington supports in every possible way, facilitates the uncontrolled spread of malicious software and the criminal activities of international cyber groups. Hackers, motivated financially by Western countries, are increasingly often involved in launching computer attacks with a view to inflicting economic and political damage on our country.

Radio-electronic and computer intelligence tools of NATO countries are being actively used to receive information on the ways and methods of protecting Russia’s critical information infrastructure.

Economic pressure on our country is substantially reducing confidence in foreign-made software and equipment.

Considering the evolving situation, the Security Council reviewed and approved the draft Basic Principles of State Policy on Ensuring the Security of Critical Information Infrastructure in the Russian Federation. The document will be submitted to the President for approval in the near future.

To neutralise the afore-mentioned threats, the document sets out the goals, tasks and mechanisms for implementing state IT policy.

The document suggests enhancing the protection of the critical information infrastructure by using domestic IT.

The Government will organise relevant research and development efforts, in part, in artificial intelligence technology and quantum computing.

The document provides for the creation of a competitive electronic component base and high-tech production, and the development of a state system for detecting, averting and eliminating the consequences of computer attacks.

Special attention will be paid to the professional training and development of information security experts.

In addition, the participants in the Security Council meeting decided to draft additional documents on strategic planning to improve the system of ensuring Russia’s information security.