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Official website of the President of Russia

About Presidential Executive Office

The Presidential Executive Office is a state body providing support for the President’s work and monitoring implementation of the President’s decisions.

The Presidential Executive Office supports the President’s work, including by preparing draft laws for the President to submit to the State Duma as legislative initiatives.

This includes drawing up bills for the President to submit to the State Duma for consideration. The Presidential Executive Office also prepares drafts of decrees, orders, instructions, Presidential speeches and other documents, including the President’s Annual Address to the Federal Assembly.

The Presidential Executive Office monitors and checks the enforcement of federal laws and Presidential decrees, orders and instructions, and reports the results to the President.

The Presidential Executive Office also co-ordinates the President’s work with political parties, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, unions, foreign governments and their representatives, Russian and foreign politicians and public figures and international organizations.

The Presidential Executive Office analyzes all information on socioeconomic, political and legal trends both domestically and internationally; it also examines individual petitions and proposals from non-governmental or non-profit organizations and local authorities, and reports to the President accordingly.

The President oversees the general functioning of his Executive Office, but its day-to-day activities are managed by the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office.

The Presidential Executive Office is located in Moscow and has offices in a number of buildings inside the Kremlin and in the vicinity of Staraya Square and Ilyinka Street.

Any individual may write or call the Presidential Executive Office or come there in person during visiting hours.