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Press statements following the talks with President of Argentine Republic Mauricio Macri

January 23, 2018, The Kremlin, Moscow

Following Russian-Argentinian talks, Vladimir Putin and Mauricio Macri made statements for the media.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, ladies and gentlemen,

The talks with President of Argentina, Mr Mauricio Macri, were marked by a businesslike and constructive atmosphere. We exchanged views on the entire range of issues of bilateral cooperation, outlined new goals and long-term benchmarks for cooperation, and touched upon important issues of the international agenda.

Russia and Argentina are bound by a historically strong friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. Relations between our countries were established back in 1885 and have always been based on the principles of respect and consideration of each other's interests.

During the talks, Mr Macri and I reiterated our commitment to the progressive development of relations between our states, and the comprehensive strengthening of our strategic partnership.

The Joint Statement that we have just signed includes a number of important agreements on expanding cooperation in key areas such as the economy, foreign policy, defence industry cooperation, and culture, to name a few.

Of course, we discussed the search for the missing Argentinean submarine San Juan. Russia sincerely sympathises with the families and friends of the missing sailors. We ourselves are familiar with such tragedies.

We readily responded to President Macri's request for assistance in the search for the boat. The Yantar oceanographic vessel of the Russian Navy and the underwater rescue vehicles Panther Plus and Falcon were promptly sent to the search area. Twenty dives were performed, and about 340 square miles of the seabed were surveyed. We provide other assistance to Argentina in clarifying the circumstances and causes of what happened.

During the talks, we discussed bilateral economic cooperation in detail. Argentina is one of Russia's leading trade partners in Latin America. From January to November 2017, trade grew by 3.1 percent. The President of Argentina and I agreed to continue systemic efforts to develop trade and investment ties. These issues should be closely dealt with by the Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, at its next meeting, which will be held in Moscow two weeks from now.

It is also important to step up the work of the Council of Entrepreneurs of the two countries. Today, Mr Macri met with the heads of major Russian companies, and he could personally see that our companies are interested in implementing joint projects with their Argentinean partners.

Rosatom is proposing a nuclear power plant of Russian design in Argentina based on the latest and safest technological standards. Russian Railways is ready to join the programme to modernise the railways of Argentina, and to supply modern rolling stock. Transmashholding and Sinara plan to invest in the construction of service facilities and the production of railway equipment. With Gazprom-Bank participation, a major logistics complex will be built at a port in Buenos Aires province. Power Machines services power units at five Argentine hydroelectric power plants and plans to participate in the bidding for the supply of equipment for six more HPPs.

Russia and Argentina are establishing cooperation in the peaceful exploration of outer space. There are ideas on cooperation in the area of remote sensing of the Earth and satellite navigation. Roscosmos could share its experience in creating space equipment, and deliver rocket engines that are competitive and are still being supplied to many countries, including the United States, by the way, despite the restrictions we all know about. We are ready to supply special fuel as well.

Mr Macri and I touched on cultural contacts as well. In 2017, gala concerts by soloists from the Bolshoi Theatre, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Mikhailovsky Theatre from St Petersburg were successfully held in Argentina. A Russian Centre of Culture and Art called “Moscow” opened in a Buenos Aires suburb.

In turn, Argentinean theatre plays were included in the Chekhov International Theatre Festival programme in Moscow. Tango dancers from Argentina participated in the Moscow International Contest of Ballet Dancers and Choreographers. Films by Argentinean directors were shown at the 39th International Moscow Film Festival.

I invited the President of Argentina to come to Russia again in summer for the World Cup. Of course, we look forward to Argentinean fans coming to our country and supporting their team, which is certainly one of the favourites in the upcoming championship.

During our exchange of views on the global and regional agendas, the President and I said that we were on the same page regarding most matters.

We intend to expand coordination with our Argentinean partners in international organisations, such as the UN and the World Trade Organisation; and to promote our ties in integration associations, such as the Eurasian Economic Union and the South American Common Market.

Russia will participate in the G20 summit, which will be held in Argentina this year. We share Argentina’s priorities in the G20 and are committed to practical cooperation as we strive to promote them.

In closing, I would like to thank Mr President, and all our Argentine colleagues and friends for their productive joint work during this visit. I am convinced that it will contribute to the further development of bilateral ties between Russia and Argentina.

Thank you.

President of the Argentine Republic Mauricio Macri (retranslated): Good afternoon.

Once again, I would like to thank Mr President for the invitation.

When we met a year and a half ago, we agreed how important an integrated strategic partnership between our countries is. This is my first official visit to Russia, but I hope it will be the first of many. I also want to thank you for Russia’s love and warmth to Argentina and for helping in the search for the San Juan submarine. We deeply appreciated that effort.

I am confident that Argentina and Russia have common interests in our various relations; we must continue in energy, culture, sports, technology, and military technical cooperation. Today we discussed all this and found that there are so many areas in which we could cooperate, and this cooperation will undoubtedly create even more opportunities for our peoples. This is in tune with the changes that Argentina is living through, which is now beginning its adaptation to the world and wants to materialize my commitment, the most important commitment as the Argentine President – to reduce poverty and provide opportunities for all.

As we take on the G-20 presidency, we are determined to show that Argentina is not only a representative, but Argentina is also an entire region, which is a peaceful region that offers many opportunities in the food industry, energy, and especially in renewable energy. And, as we said before, we hope that our countries will complement each other. Our countries are complementary. This should lead to an increase in trade.

Argentina has entered the global arena with a view to participating in these global interests. We hope that we will work together in the fight against terrorism and in security. As we see, our agenda is very dynamic, and is full of opportunities. As you said, I had breakfast with representatives of several major Russian companies this morning. We are now opening an agro-industrial representation office in Moscow, Russia. This is our fifth such unit in the world. We are confident that we can be a food supplier to Russia, and can also exchange technology to increase and promote production in Russia.

I thank you once again. This meeting should give impetus to cooperation. And, as we said, I really hope to visit here again; I would like to come with my daughter Antonia, who never stops talking about the World Cup – I would like to attend the final match. I hope that we will play in the final match and that we are more fortunate than Brazil. But the most important thing is, of course, to participate in the competition. Our Lord and Messi will decide if we can win the World Cup.

I am very grateful that we have done some very intensive and productive work.

Thank you.

January 23, 2018, The Kremlin, Moscow