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Executive Order on Interdepartmental Humanitarian Response Centre

November 13, 2020

The President signed Executive Order On the Interdepartmental Humanitarian Response Centre.

The Executive Order reads as follows:

In order to promote the resolution of humanitarian issues and to rebuild civil infrastructure in Nagorno-Karabakh, I hereby resolve to:

1. Create an Interdepartmental Humanitarian Response Centre (hereinafter referred to as the Interdepartmental Centre).

2. Establish that:

a) the Interdepartmental Centre shall have the following main functions:

facilitating the return to their homes of people who left the Nagorno-Karabakh regions.

helping state bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia to restore civil infrastructure in Nagorno-Karabakh and create proper conditions for its people to live a normal life;

ensuring coordination of the activities of Russia’s state bodies and public organisations to provide humanitarian aid to residents of the Nagorno-Karabakh regions affected by the hostilities;

providing assistance to state bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia in organising interaction with international humanitarian organisations;

b) the Interdepartmental Centre shall include representatives of the Russian Federation Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Natural Disaster Relief, the Russian Federation Foreign Ministry and the Russian Federation Federal Security Service, as well as representatives of other concerned federal executive bodies.

3. The decision of organisational and other matters related to the creation and operation of the Interdepartmental Centre shall be entrusted to the Defence Ministry.

4. This Executive Order shall come into force on the day of its signing.

November 13, 2020