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Telephone conversation with former President of Cuba and President of the Council of Ministers Fidel Castro

August 13, 2011

Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Fidel Castro on his 85th birthday. Mr Castro thanked Mr Medvedev for the personalised message and passed on his best wishes to the Russian people.

During the conversation both parties highly praised the sustained development of Russian-Cuban cooperation.

* * *

Dmitry Medvedev also sent a message congratulating Fidel Castro on his 85th birthday.

The message reads, in part: 

”Without any undue exaggeration, you are known throughout the world as an influential administrative and political figure. Your life presents a worthy example of service to one's country and people. It is for this reason that today you remain a legendary comandante and national leader for younger generations of Cubans.

Your contribution to the establishment and development of friendship and cooperation between Russia and Cuba is particularly noteworthy. It was thanks to your direct participation that we were able to lay the foundations for our successful collaboration in political, economic, scientific, technological, cultural and humanitarian fields. The practical results of this cooperation are visible today in important joint projects in energy, transportation, mining and oil refining.

I am sure that our constructive, mutually beneficial, bilateral relations – relations that have passed the test of time – will continue to develop rapidly in the interests of our countries and peoples.“

August 13, 2011