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Meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron

July 8, 2017, Hamburg

Vladimir Putin met with President of France Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg.

President of France Emmanuel Macron (retranslated): I am sorry to have kept you waiting, we had to agree on the latest provisions concerning climate change.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: I hope climate will be better now. You have had a discussion and everything will be all right. Although the causes of climate change are still unknown, let us be honest about it.

But you know our stance, since we are talking about it. We keep to the Paris Agreements. We have adopted all the decisions on these issues, and are set to implement them.

As to the bilateral relations, I would like to note that after our Versailles meeting everything we agreed on is being implemented. We met with your Foreign Minister. The day before yesterday another set of consultations was held in Paris.

Despite the current problems, our economic ties are intensifying and trade is growing: it gained almost 24 percent in the first quarter.

We expect active work from the Council on Economic, Financial, Industrial and Trade Issues. Following your proposal, we started work on preparing and establishing the Public Forum. So, generally speaking, we are moving forward in all the areas we spoke about at our meeting in Versailles.

Emmanuel Macron: Thank you very much, Mr President.

First of all, thank you for the commitments you took on within the climate change frameworks. This is very important.

If we do not make commitments, nothing will happen spontaneously on its own. I think all of this is compatible with innovation and economic growth, and ultimately, at the G20 table, everything will acquire greater coherence and logic. We spoke about it today with you and with Chancellor Merkel. I think we will have another opportunity to talk it over now, during our bilateral meeting.

We have discussed some bilateral issues and also some regional issues. I am pleased to note the quality and intensity of our exchange.

I would also like to note the major progress made in all the areas, both regarding civil society and the Trianon Dialogue, and I am very pleased about that.

I hope that now we will move forward to a new stage, that is to practical implementation of what has been planned.


July 8, 2017, Hamburg