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Telephone conversation with President of France Emmanuel Macron

February 28, 2022

During a lengthy telephone conversation initiated by the President of the French Republic, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron had a serious, substantive exchange of views on all aspects of the situation around Ukraine.

The President of France stated his well-known views on Russia’s special military operation to defend Donbass and expressed the hope that the ongoing conflict will be settled through dialogue and talks with Kiev as soon as possible.

Vladimir Putin emphasised that such settlement is possible only in case of unconditional consideration for Russia’s legitimate interests in the sphere of security, including recognition of Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea, achieving the objectives of the Ukrainian state’s demilitarisation and denazification, and ensuring its neutral status. It was noted that Russia is open to negotiations with representatives of Ukraine with the hope that they produce the desired results.

The President of Russia made a point of noting that the Russian Armed Forces do not threaten civilians and do not target civilian facilities. The threat is posed by Ukrainian nationalists who are using civilians as human shields, deliberately deploying offensive weapons in residential areas, and intensifying the shelling of Donbass cities.

Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron agreed to stay in contact.

February 28, 2022