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Meeting with Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May

September 4, 2016, Hangzhou

Vladimir Putin and Theresa May discussed issues of mutual concern to Russia and the UK.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Madame Prime Minister, colleagues,

I am very pleased to meet with you in person and congratulate you on being appointed Prime Minister of Great Britain.

It is obvious to everyone that you and your team are facing some challenging tasks. But all of us are facing challenging tasks. We sincerely wish you success and hope we can take our bilateral relations to a higher level relative to where they are now.

And here we certainly have much to do – both in the political and economic spheres.

Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May: Thank you very much for your welcome, Mr President. And I am pleased to have the opportunity to meet you for the first time. And we meet after an important event has taken place. I am pleased that Princes Anne was able to attend Arkhangelsk for the ceremony, which recognised the Arctic convoys.

As you say, the United Kingdom, following its decision to leave the European Union, has some challenges ahead, but we will make a success of this. But as you also say, there are many challenges in the world that are faced today. And while I recognise there will be some differences between us, there are some complex and serious areas of concern and issues to discuss, I hope we will be able to have a frank and open relationship and dialogue.

September 4, 2016, Hangzhou