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Telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

December 13, 2021

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson.

Both leaders expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Glasgow under the United Kingdom’s chairmanship. The Prime Minister noted the contribution that Russia had made to the conference, as well as the Action on Forests and Land Use.

Like other Western leaders, Boris Johnson expressed concern about Russia’s alleged large-scale troop movements near the Ukrainian border. In this regard, Vladimir Putin provided in-depth and principled assessments of the current situation in Ukraine.

Specific examples of Kiev's destructive course on derailing the Minsk agreements, which are the only viable path towards resolving the internal Ukraine crisis, were given. It was also pointed out that the Ukrainian authorities are purposefully aggravating the situation on the line of contact and are using heavy weapons and attack drones, which are prohibited by the Minsk Package of Measures in the conflict zone. Ukraine’s policy of discrimination against Russian-speaking people was pointed out as well.

It was emphasised that all this is happening amid the active military “exploration” of Ukraine’s territory by NATO, something that poses a direct threat to Russia’s security.

With this in mind, Vladimir Putin stated the need to immediately begin talks in order to develop clear international legal agreements that can preclude NATO’s further eastward advance and the deployment of weapons that pose a threat to Russia in neighbouring states, primarily Ukraine. Russia will present draft documents to this end.

The leaders agreed to continue to discuss the issues raised during the conversation through various channels.

December 13, 2021