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Telephone conversation with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

March 7, 2022

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of the Republic of India Narendra Modi.

The leaders continued discussing the situation in connection with the special military operation for the protection of Donbass and, in particular, the evacuation of Indian nationals.

Vladimir Putin informed the Indian Prime Minister that the Russian Armed Forces had declared a ceasefire and opened humanitarian corridors in view of the worsening humanitarian situation. Meanwhile, nationalist formations continue to create obstacles to the peaceful evacuation of civilians, including foreign nationals, from the combat areas by resorting to crude force and various provocations.

He drew attention to the fact that the Indian students, who were held hostage by radicals in Kharkov, managed to leave the city only after strong international pressure was exerted on Kiev. Russian military personnel are doing their best to evacuate Indian citizens from Sumy. Narendra Modi expressed gratitude to the Russian side for the efforts being taken to return his compatriots home.

Vladimir Putin, at the request of the Indian Prime Minister, gave an assessment of the Russian delegation’s series of discussions with Ukrainian representatives, the third round of which is scheduled for today.

Narendra Modi expressed readiness to render any assistance possible to achieve an early resolution of the conflict.

March 7, 2022