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Agreement between Russia and Italy on transit of military cargo submitted for ratification to State Duma

April 18, 2012

Dmitry Medvedev submitted to the State Duma for ratification the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Italian Republic on the air transit of weapons, ammunition, military equipment, military assets and personnel via Russian Federation territory in connection with participation by Armed Forces of the Italian Republic in efforts to stabilise and rehabilitate the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, signed in Rome on February 16, 2011.

In line with UN Security Council resolutions, the agreement aims at laying the legal grounds for the Russian Federation to offer transit via its territory for aircraft transporting weapons, ammunition, military equipment and military assets, as well as military and civilian personnel of the Italian Armed Forces, with the aim of supporting international efforts to stabilise and rehabilitate the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The agreement determines the procedures for conducting the above air transit, as well as the parties’ jurisdiction.

The Italian party undertakes to conduct transit exclusively for the purposes of the Agreement. The Russian party is entitled to refuse to grant permission for this type of transit in case it is established that air transportation of Italian cargo and personnel does not comply with the purposes of the Agreement or may pose a threat to Russia’s security.

Transit is conducted on the basis of general or one-time permission granted by relevant Russian authorities.

When Italian weapons, military equipment and military assets are transported, an interim landing in the Russian Federation is mandatory. Transit of Italian personnel does not require a mandatory interim landing. For transit of auxiliary cargoes, a decision on an interim landing shall be made by relevant Russian authorities based on the specifics and nature of the assets in question.

While in transit, military and civilian personnel of the Italian Armed Forces come under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, save for cases generally accepted in international law.

Under the Agreement, the Italian party undertakes to reimburse any damage caused to third parties by Italian personnel or assets while in such transit.

This transit of weapons, ammunition, military equipment, military assets and personnel via Russian Federation territory shall be conducted without charging any customs duties and shall be subject to border and customs control, or other types of control, if necessary, as may be determined by the Russian party.

The Italian party shall bear all transit-related costs under the agreement.

In accordance with article 12.2 of the Agreement, it is being applied provisionally from its execution date, i.e., February 16, 2011.

April 18, 2012