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Meeting with President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

February 10, 2022, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin held talks with President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in the Kremlin.

A package of documents was signed during the visit.

The documents signed by respective agencies of the two countries concern cooperation on exchanging data from the Earth’s remote sensing satellites, exchanging experience in digital transformation, and training personnel for Kazakhstan for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Several documents were signed between major Russian universities and the Centre of International Programmes, Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, a cooperation agreement was signed between Transmashholding and Kazakh Railways.

* * *

Beginning of Russian-Kazakhstani talks

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President,

It is my pleasure to welcome you in Moscow. This is our first meeting after the events in January, when, without exaggeration, Kazakhstan fell victim to some international groups that used the difficult situation in the country to their benefit. We had a meeting before the New Year, and nothing could have predicted such a turn of events.

Nevertheless, the balance has been restored, and, as you know, Russia, as a member country of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, provided help to Kazakhstan in accordance with Article 4 of the Treaty.

Of course, the main role was played by the leadership of Kazakhstan, the law enforcement agencies and armed forces loyal to their duty, their oath, and the people of Kazakhstan.

I know that now you have a great deal of work to do in order to restore everything that was lost during these events. Nevertheless, thanks to your efforts Kazakhstan stands firmly on its feet, and under your leadership it is developing actively. I hope that we will use the cooperation potential between Russia and Kazakhstan like in previous years, above all in the sphere of the economy, of course.

I am pleased to state once again that Russia is Kazakhstan’s largest trade and economic partner. Last year our trade grew by more than 34 percent, or US$25.6 billion, I believe. These are very good figures, and, what’s most important, we have achieved good momentum.

We cooperate actively at international venues, both on the post-Soviet space and at large international organisations. Later this year, in the autumn, we will be marking an anniversary: 30 years of diplomatic relations. We have a whole range of important events planned. I am sure that they will also benefit the development of our business and cultural ties. And here we have much to work on: we have large projects in space exploration, energy, and engineering; the total volume of Russian investment is US$17 billion, I believe, which is quite a sum. So we will continue our work. And, of course, we have a lot to discuss today.

I am very happy to see you. Welcome.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev: Thank you, Mr President, first of all, for the invitation to visit Moscow. Indeed, this is my first visit since the New Year. Unfortunately, it is taking place after the tragic events in our country. Indeed, this was a carefully prepared operation involving international terrorists and bandits who attacked Kazakhstan in order to undermine the constitutional system and to stage a coup, first and foremost.

An investigation is now underway, and the first results are coming out. Unfortunately, very many people have been killed. I am also devastated by this fact, and I have offered my condolences to the victims’ families and friends. Each case is being investigated. Of course, the culprits will be exposed and, most importantly, brought to account.

I would like to thank you once again for your warm and business-like response to Kazakhstan’s request to deploy a peacekeeping contingent in our country. The peacekeeping contingent played a highly important role in terms of logistic support, so to say, and protecting strategic facilities and, of course, in terms of psychologically intimidating terrorists and bandits who, this time, chose Kazakhstan as their victim.

Indeed, we are planning to exchange opinions on a whole range of topical matters at the upcoming talks. These matters concern Kazakhstan’s strategic interests and, hopefully, those of both countries. Important agreements will be signed. To be frank, we intend to achieve specific results in our strategic interaction and allied relationship. I believe that we will, naturally, achieve the desired results here, all the more so as the political will is present.

We have repeatedly noted that Kazakhstan and Russia are neighbours by the grace of God. We have the longest border in the world, and there simply can be no other relationship between our countries except friendship, cooperation and other interaction. Therefore, we will continue to work in this respect, as you have just said, and I agree with you.


February 10, 2022, The Kremlin, Moscow