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President Vladimir Putin accepted credentials from ambassadors of some foreign countries

September 26, 2002, The Kremlin, Moscow

Russia is a reliable partner for countries that are striving to establish a truly democratic system of international relations and are realising their responsibility for the common future, the Russian President said at the ceremony of the presentation of credentials by the ambassadors of Albania, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

The globalisation epoch poses new challenges and threats making people look at the problems facing mankind in a new way. There is the need for a new philosophy of cooperation based on a solid legal foundation, mutual respect for each other’s interests, and equality, the President said.

He stressed that Russia was confidently marching into the 21st century along the road of renovation and democratic reforms. Institutions of civil society and a law-based state are being strengthened and economic indicators are improving. All this opens additional opportunities for mutually advantageous and versatile cooperation.

Touching upon Russian-Lithuanian relations, the President directly tied these relations with the solution of the problem of the Kaliningrad Region. The Kaliningrad problem is also very important in Russia’s dialogue with Poland, the President stressed.

Mr Putin recalled that Russia favoured the soonest possible settlement of the situation around Iraq by political and diplomatic means on the basis of the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and in strict compliance with the principles and norms of international law.

The President promised that Russian ministries and departments would assist the new ambassadors in their work to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

September 26, 2002, The Kremlin, Moscow