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Congratulations to President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega

January 10, 2012

Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Daniel Ortega on assuming the office of President of the Republic of Nicaragua.

The message reads, in part:

“Russian-Nicaraguan relations have traditionally been founded on the basis of solidarity, close friendship and trust. They are invariably distinguished by a high degree of mutual understanding and the focus on achieving tangible, practical results.

In recent years much has been done to enhance political, economic and humanitarian ties. Together we have successfully strengthened emergency response cooperation. The Intergovernmental Commission is one of the most effective tools in this area. I am confident that its next meeting in January 2012 will give a fresh impetus to the bilateral partnership, including through the involvement of the business sector in implementing major projects.

We are determined to continue active cooperation with Nicaragua in international affairs. The prevailing practice of coordinating positions allows us to promote a common approach in the interests of our nations, in guaranteeing security and sustainable development of a multipolar world.”

January 10, 2012