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Russia-Syria agreement on deploying a Russian aviation group in Syria has been submitted to the State Duma for ratification

August 8, 2016

The President submitted to the State Duma for ratification an agreement between the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic on deploying an aviation group of the Russian Armed Forces on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, signed in Damascus on August 26, 2015.

The agreement regulates the terms for deploying the Russian aviation group in Syria.

The Russian aviation group has been deployed in Syria at the request of the Syrian side and is stationed at the Hmeymim Air Base (Latakia Province), which, together with its infrastructure and the necessary area, is made available for use by the Russian side on a gratuitous basis under the agreement signed by the parties.

The Russian aviation group shall be used in accordance with the decision of its commander and according to the plans agreed by the parties.

The membership of the Russian aviation group shall be determined by the Russian side in coordination with the Syrian side.

The agreement, in particular, determines the procedure for importing arms, ammunition, equipment and materials that are needed for the Russian aviation group to be able to perform its intended missions and to ensure the safety and proper operation of its personnel, the procedure for crossing the border of Syria by the personnel of the Russian aviation group and other legal rules underlying the activities of the Russian aviation group and its personnel in Syria.

The agreement has been signed for an indefinite period and shall be applied provisionally from the date of its signing. The agreement shall terminate upon the expiry of 12 months from the date of receiving notification by either party of its intention to terminate the agreement.

August 8, 2016