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Meeting with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon

July 8, 2015, Ufa

Vladimir Putin met with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon. The two presidents exchanged views on key issues in bilateral and international cooperation.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Rahmon, friends, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to Ufa.

I am very happy to see that our relations with Tajikistan are developing very positively. Last year, despite the economic difficulties in Europe, the world, and here in Russia, our trade with Tajikistan increased by more than 21 percent, which is a very good sign. There was a small adjustment downwards at the start of this year, but the trend is very positive overall.

We note the good, high quality work Tajikistan is doing as the country presiding in the  CSTO. A large number of important events are taking place, including military exercises that have been a success. We are preparing for the CSTO summit in Tajikistan on September 15.

Thank you for agreeing to come to Ufa to take part in the  BRICS and  SCO summits. We are very happy to see you. Welcome!

President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon: Thank you very much, Mr President.

I am pleased to have this chance to meet. Thank you for the invitation and for the excellent conditions for our work. I am sure that the SCO summit will be a success.

Tajikistan and Russia are strategic partners. I therefore want to talk today about developing the relations between our countries in all different areas. This is our priority.

Yes, the CSTO has organised many big events, not just military exercises. The defence ministers and the heads of other agencies held meetings during the summit. There have been meetings, and exercises, and a lot of effort has been made to strengthen the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

During our meeting today, we also want to discuss implementation of agreements signed earlier. You noted that our trade is not increasing just now, but there are some possibilities and some reserves that we need to put to use in the future.

Vladimir Putin: Our colleagues are coming to the BRICS summit too, as I said. I think you will have the chance to meet on the sidelines of the two summits with a broader circle of heads of state and government of other countries too.

Emomali Rahmon: Yes, certainly. Thank you very much.


July 8, 2015, Ufa