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Law ratifying Agreement Between Russia and Turkey on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Cases and Extradition

March 7, 2017

The President signed the Federal Law On the Ratification of the Agreement Between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Cases and Extradition.

The Agreement, based on current treaty practice, Russian law and international standards in this area, was signed in Ankara on December 1, 2014, with the aim of developing the international legal foundation for Russian-Turkish cooperation in mutual legal assistance in criminal cases and extradition.

Under the Agreement, the parties commit, on a reciprocal basis and in compliance with the conditions indicated therein, to provide legal assistance to one another in investigation, prosecution and other procedural actions pertaining to criminal cases, and to mutually extradite individuals located on one of the nations’ territories for criminal prosecution or enforcement of a sentence in the requesting nation. The Agreement stipulates the scope of legal assistance to be provided by the parties, and sets forth requirements as to the form and content of legal assistance and extradition requests and procedures for executing them.

March 7, 2017