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Congratulations to Great Patriotic War veterans and the people of Ukraine

May 8, 2019

Vladimir Putin congratulated Great Patriotic War veterans and the people of Ukraine on Victory Day.

The message reads, in part:

“On this glorious day we pay tribute to our compatriots who fought fascist invaders on the frontlines and in partisan units, and defended their homeland and the entire world from subjugation at the cost of enormous sacrifices and hardships.

It is our duty to safeguard the truth about the landmark episodes from our shared past, and counter all attempts to sow inter-ethnic strife or revive fascist ideology. I strongly believe that the peoples of Russia and Ukraine should cherish and be mindful of the traditions of brotherly friendship and mutual assistance inherited from our fathers and grandfathers. These values paved the way to the glorious Victory.

I wish Great Patriotic War veterans good health, high spirits and a long life, and peace and prosperity to all citizens of Ukraine.”

May 8, 2019