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Meeting with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro

July 17, 2014, Brasilia

Vladimir Putin met with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro in Brasilia.

Earlier in the day, Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Maduro participated in the meeting between BRICS leaders and South American heads of state.

* * *

Vladimir Putin: Mr President, my friend,

I am very happy to see you, and I want to note that everything we set as objectives in our relations with Hugo Chavez, and later, with you – we are carrying out all of it.

Despite the hardships in the global economy, our trade is growing; last year, it grew quite significantly. We are implementing major joint projects, working together in the social sector, in military technology cooperation, and other areas, including energy and construction.

I know that soon, you will be celebrating Hugo Chavez’s 60th birthday. If you allow, we would like to send a high-level Russian Government representative to participate in those events.

You know that we have named a street in Moscow after Hugo Chavez; you were present at that celebratory event. We are planning to issue a special postal stamp in honour of the 60th anniversary since his birth.

I am very happy to see you.

Nicolas Maduro (retranslated): I am also very pleased to see you. You are a great friend to our people. In addition, Russia, under your leadership, is doing enormous, large-scale work to strengthen multipolarity. So the development of our cooperation is progressing rapidly. This was the dream of our late President Chavez; he believed in it.

Today’s BRICS meeting was wonderful and the statement on the creation of the bank was an enormous step. As I said today during the meeting, this is the path toward a new alliance. That is how we should continue our work, strengthening our cooperation.

I am very happy to see you.


July 17, 2014, Brasilia