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Meeting with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro

September 3, 2015, Beijing

The presidents of Russia and Venezuela discussed pressing matters of bilateral relations and measures to stabilise the situation on the oil market.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, friends, good afternoon,

I am very happy to have this opportunity to meet and to see you in such lively spirits. I am happy to have this opportunity to discuss our bilateral relations.

Last year our trade has gone down significantly, but this year it has grown by more than 25 percent. We do need to analyse the reasons for this and what has to be done to ensure smooth work. Besides, I would like to discuss our joint plans on the international arena.

In a word, we do have things to discuss. It is a pleasure to welcome you here.

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro (retranslated): Mr President, it is also a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity to meet with you and thus further strengthen relations between Russia and Venezuela.

Apart from bilateral relations, we will be able to discuss matters that concern the global community and the struggle for peace in general.

Besides, we will be able to consider such an important matter as oil, of course. We will be able to discuss what we can do to stabilise the oil market and stabilise the prices, which would make it possible for us to overcome this protracted market situation characterised by low oil prices. We have some good ideas on how to develop this subject.


September 3, 2015, Beijing