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Meeting with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro

November 23, 2015, Tehran

Vladimir Putin met with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro on the sidelines of the Third Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, as we agreed on the telephone, we are making use of the opportunity today to meet here on the sidelines of this event in Tehran to discuss our bilateral relations and, more broadly, look at the situation on the global energy markets.

Let me start though by congratulating you on your birthday and wishing you good health, success and all the very best. Naturally, I also wish your party success in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro (retranslated): Thank you very much, Mr President.

It is a pleasure to see you again. This is an important forum, an important platform. We have the chance to exchange views on various aspects of the energy sector and take a look at more than just our bilateral relations.

I want to express my support for all of your actions to stabilise the situation in the Middle East and around the world. Russia can be confident of having the support of most nations in the efforts to bring peace to the entire world. This requires great courage from you as President.


November 23, 2015, Tehran