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Greetings to participants in the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum

January 28, 2013

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the participants in the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum’s (APPF) 21st session, currently taking place in Vladivostok.

The President said, in particular, in his greetings:

“Your legislative work plays a big part in setting the direction and dynamic of social and economic progress and helping to realise in full the region’s immense potential. This we can achieve above all through pursuing integration, encouraging trade, investment and competition, opening markets, removing protectionist barriers, and developing transport infrastructure. 

Parliamentary diplomacy aims to build up the level of trust between the Asia-Pacific region’s countries. It is important that we work together to confront today’s threats and challenges and build an architecture that stands outside any blocs and is based on the principle of equal and indivisible security for all. Regular meetings between lawmakers also help to expand humanitarian ties, promote cultural interaction and strengthen the friendship between the region’s peoples.”

The Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum was founded in 1993, and Russia joined the organisation that same year. Russia has held the APPF presidency since May 2012.

January 28, 2013