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Instructions following Russian Popular Front Action Forum. Regions

June 22, 2016

The President has approved a list of instructions following a plenary session of the Russian Popular Front Action Forum. Regionsinterregional forum, which took place on 25 April 2016.

The Russian Government has been directed to submit proposals on:

Improving state standards and rules and regulations in the area of road construction to enhance budget spending efficiency;

Raising quality standards for honey and other apicultural products;

Supporting the industrial processing of reindeer farming products;

Encouraging the entrepreneurial community to develop personnel training programmes for the agricultural sector;

Amending legislation relating to the use of water bodies located on agricultural lands for commercial aquaculture purposes;

Improving the system of state oversight in protecting cultural heritage sites of the peoples of Russia.

The Government has also been entrusted with developing methodological recommendations on establishing an official website for the municipal education system on the Internet, as well as posting on it information required by federal laws.

Instructions to the Government, in conjunction with executive government bodies of Federation members, relate to the use of land plots in specially protected natural territories in accordance with their designated purpose, as well as co-financing the activity of regional history museums within the framework of the Russian Culture federal targeted programme (2012–2018).

Separate instructions were issued to the Government in conjunction with the Russian Popular Front.

The Prosecutor General’s Office, in conjunction with the Auditing Chamber, has been instructed to conduct checks related to the provision of housing to orphaned children and parentless children; the proper use of land plots as part of specially protected natural territories in accordance with their designated purpose; and compliance with legislative provisions regarding amateur fishing in communal water bodies.

June 22, 2016