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Congratulations to KAMAZ-Master team

December 6, 2018

Vladimir Putin congratulated the KAMAZ-Master racing team on its 30th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“This anniversary is a good reason to recall the team’s history and triumphant performances at the most prestigious international competitions.

Your outstanding achievements are a hard-earned reward for your courage, will, everyday hard work and loyalty to the remarkable traditions set by your predecessors.

And, of course, it is very important that you build the vehicles you use to win and create daring engineering solutions. The competitions in which KAMAZ-Master takes part promote the use of cutting-edge technologies that can later be used in KAMAZ production, technology for difficult and emergency situations including competitive equipment that strengthens the position of Russian vehicle manufacturing on the national and global markets.

I am confident that you will have many more successes that help glorify Russian motorsports.”

The KAMAZ-Master team, sponsored by KAMAZ, competes in cross-country rallies with race modified KAMAZ trucks. KAMAZ-Master teams have won the Dakar Rally (formerly known as the Paris–Dakar Rally) fifteen times.

December 6, 2018