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Meeting of the State Council Presidium to discuss innovation and development in Russia's transport sector

November 24, 2009, Ulyanovsk

Dmitry Medvedev chaired a State Council Presidium meeting on Russia's transport sector innovation and development.

President Medvedev noted that the development of transport infrastructure is one of the best ways of combating the crisis, stressing that it requires not only increased investment but also restoring order.

The President laid out a number of specific tasks. First and foremost he said that technology and the cost of building roads need to be brought in line with international standards, for example, with European Union standards.

The second objective is the creation of incentives for the use of advanced technologies. Good equipment and technological solutions exist, but their commercialisation and implementation need to be encouraged, including the effective application of state procurement mechanisms.

The next challenge is improving the legal framework, in particular in relation to high-speed motor road and rail links.

According to the President, the last challenge is to establish academic and educational centres devoted to the innovative development of transport via universities and research institutions that study transport.

November 24, 2009, Ulyanovsk