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Instructions following a State Council meeting

July 17, 2019

The President approved a list of instructions following a State Council meeting held on June 26, 2019.

The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to develop and approve a state road safety programme until 2030 aimed at reducing the mortality and injury rate caused by road accidents as well as increasing the efficiency of the road safety management system.

The Government was instructed to take measures with regard to the following:

– liability for traffic violations;

– teaching children road and traffic safety;

– creating information resources that contain drivers’ data;

– informing road users, on a mandatory basis, about the exact location of speed cameras;

– various issues concerning the design, construction and upgrading of roads;

– improving legal regulations in this area;

– supporting domestic production of road and construction equipment;

– maintaining government control of the construction and upgrading of transport infrastructure facilities qualified as hazardous, technically complex or rare, including bridges, flyovers, elevated roads and tunnels;

– factoring the development of transport infrastructure in town planning.

The Government and the Central Bank of Russia were instructed to develop a mechanism for obtaining bank guarantees to secure the fulfilment of life-cycle and long-term contracts and, in cooperation with the Russian Association of Motor Insurers, carry out awareness programmes aimed at preventing traffic violations, and to establish centres for the prevention of children’s road traffic injuries in every region of the Russian Federation.

Separate instructions were given to the Government together with regional executive authorities.

Regional executive authorities were recommended to develop and approve regional public road system programmes until 2024.

The Presidential Executive Office was instructed to submit to the Government for consideration proposals prepared by top regional officials on developing a general-use road and road safety network.

July 17, 2019