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List of instructions following a State Council Presidium meeting

October 30, 2022

The President approved a list of instructions issued following a State Council Presidium meeting held on September 6, 2022.

The instructions issued to the Russian Government concern the creation by 2035 of federal year-round seaside resorts in Russia, with an overall capacity of at least 10 million people a year; keeping a register of destinations with strong tourism potential and taking measures to create tourist infrastructure facilities in such areas; restoring historical mansions and converting them into hotels or making them suitable to provide other services to tourists; creating at least 1,000 tourist itineraries complete with the necessary service facilities.

The instructions also pertain to allocating subsidies from the federal budget to stimulate affordable domestic tourist trips; partial reimbursement for tourism services bought with an individual’s own money under the programme to support tourist trips to affordable domestic tourist destinations, including recreation and rehabilitation of children; issuing registered certificates to pay for domestic tourist travel by children or other family members of the service personnel taking part in the special military operation.

In addition, instructions were given regarding the introduction of resort fees in some constituent entities of the Russian Federation; the maintenance of beaches; the use of cross-country motor vehicles to develop tourism; and the promotion of the Silver Necklace of Russia tourist project, which is being carried out in the Northwestern Federal District.

A number of instructions were given to the Russian Government to support projects to build or renovate hotels with a capacity of up to 120 rooms; to provide the necessary equipment for the tourist industry; to ensure that organisations operating in the tourism sector have sufficient personnel; and to reduce the tax burden on the tourism sector.

The Russian Government was also given instructions regarding the improvement of land and property relations to promote tourism, the creation of a tourist transport backbone network, the development of cruise tourism, and the creation of a national tourist route, the Great Volga Route.

The Russian Government together with the Russian Academy of Sciences were given instructions regarding the use of vessels, which are normally used for sea research (provided conditions are created to conduct this research), and also vessels owned by Rosgeologiya and used for sea research (also, provided conditions are created to conduct this research), for tourist purposes in the [Russian] Far East.

The Russian Government, the Foreign Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the Federal Security Service were given instructions on efforts to increase air traffic to and from foreign countries which are not on the list of foreign countries committing unfriendly actions against the Russian Federation, Russian legal entities or individuals; introduce (without making allowance for the principle of reciprocity) visa-free regimes for foreign nationals travelling to the Russian Federation for tourism, business or education purposes or to take part in sports or cultural events; reintroduce a single electronic visa for nationals of foreign countries which are not on the list of foreign countries committing unfriendly actions against the Russian Federation, Russian legal entities or individuals; and extend multiple tourist visas.

The Russian Government, the Interior Ministry and the Federal Security Service were instructed to jointly consider the possibility of building a road between the resort Arkhyz in the Karachayevo-Circassian Republic and the resort Krasnaya Polyana in the Krasnodar Territory.

Several instructions were given to the Russian Government together with executive authorities of the Republic of Daghestan and the Karachayevo-Circassian Republic, as well as together with Russian Railways.

Instructions issued to Rosmolodezh [the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs], Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and other interested federal executive authorities, concern issues of developing a programme to promote civic, patriotic and socially important youth tourism by consolidating successful youth projects and programmes.

Individual recommendations were given to relevant executive bodies of Russia’s constituent entities.

October 30, 2022