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Amendment to law on foreign warships and other non-commercial vessels in Russia’s territorial waters on the Northern Sea Route

December 5, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Amendments to Federal Law On Internal Sea Waters, Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone of the Russian Federation.

The Federal Law aims to improve legislation of the Russian Federation on issues related to the peaceful passage of foreign vessels, foreign warships and other state-owned non-commercial vessels through the Russian Federation territorial sea, as well as to their presence in the internal sea waters of the Russian Federation.

Specifically, the Federal Law regulates the legal regime for the entry of foreign warships and other non-commercial vessels into Russia’s internal sea waters in the area of the Northern Sea Route. Foreign ships must obtain permits to enter these waters.

Additionally, the Federal Law allows for promptly suspending the right of peaceful passage via the Russian Federation territorial sea for foreign vessels, foreign warships and other state-owned non-commercial vessels by issuing navigational warnings.

December 5, 2022