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Meeting with General Designer of UEC-Aviadvigatel Alexander Inozemtsev

October 19, 2023

Vladimir Putin met with General Designer of UEC-Aviadvigatel Alexander Inozemtsev.

General Designer of UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC Alexander Inozemtsev: I will first report to you on PD-14 engines. You are well aware of the issue, you are always supporting us.

Let me remind you: in 2008, by your decision, we started work. In 2018, we received a type certificate [from the Federal Air Transport Agency] – this is the right to fly and transport safely. Today there are three MS-21 aircraft. One is now in Irkutsk and will probably arrive in November-December. Thus, three MS-21 aircraft are already equipped with serial PD-14 engines.

We made eight of them in total. Next year we have plans to produce 12 engines, then 24, and constantly increase the number – all things seem difficult at first.

Vladimir Putin: Good.

Alexander Inozemtsev: It is developing quite quickly, God willing. We are moving forward.

Our task now – of course, there will be growing pains at the beginning of operations – is to promptly eliminate them, upgrade, improve. These are the tasks for the next few years alongside increasing production volume. This is the situation today regarding PD-14.

Everything is moving forward, everything is working. I do not remember any other examples over the past 30 years when we increased mass production at such a pace. So, we are determined, the entire engine industry is determined to solve this problem.

Vladimir Putin: Good.


October 19, 2023