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Instructions following meeting with executives from transport and logistics companies and lorry drivers

April 5, 2024

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following his meeting with executives from transport and logistics companies and lorry drivers held on February 22, 2024.

The Russian Government, together with the State Council Commission on Transport, has been instructed to work out the issue of improving the mechanism for providing subsidies from the federal budget to Russian organisations to reimburse costs of transporting certain types of products to foreign markets, as it pertains to encouraging the recipients of these subsidies to recruit exclusively Russian transport companies for such transportation.

The Government, together with the State Council Commission on Transport, has also been instructed, in particular, to ensure that a draft protocol is prepared on amending the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the People’s Republic of China on Facilitating Citizens’ Travel (signed in Moscow on March 22, 2013), providing for the possibility of issuing visas to Russian drivers at all consular offices of the People’s Republic of China in the Russian Federation.

In addition to this, the instructions concern ensuring equal conditions, in terms of cost and volumes of purchased fuel, for Russian and foreign road carriers from the countries of the North-South international transport corridor, when refuelling vehicles in the territories of these countries.

Another instruction issued to the Government together with the State Council Commission is to ensure continuous provision of communication services on public roads. At the same time, an instruction was issued to specifically focus on motorways that are part of international transport corridors.

The Russian Government, together with the Association of International Road Carriers and organisations producing long-haul trucks, has been instructed to draft proposals for additional measures to increase the supply of long-haul trucks for Russian road carriers, focusing on increasing the availability of these trucks and considering the expansion of a preferential leasing mechanism for wheeled vehicles for these purposes.

The Russian Ministry of Transport has been instructed to complete renovation of the Pogranichny and Kraskino automobile border checkpoints by 2025, as well as to resolve the issue of transferring sections of motorways at the approaches to automobile checkpoints along the state border of the Russian Federation to federal ownership.

April 5, 2024