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Motorway construction through Khimki Forest suspended

August 26, 2010

Dmitry Medvedev announced this decision in his blog. The President instructed the Government to suspend the implementation of the resolution on the motorway construction through the Khimki Forest and to conduct further public and expert discussions on the issue.

* * *

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev: I have received a large number of petitions recently regarding the fate of the Khimki Forest. Despite the fact that the Government adopted a separate resolution on the construction of a motorway, and despite the fact that this issue was addressed in our judicial system and relevant rulings have been made, yet, our people, namely, representatives of various political parties, ranging from the ruling United Russia party to the opposition parties, as well as representatives of public associations and various expert circles say that this issue requires further analysis.

Given this number of petitions, I have made the following decision: I am instructing the Government to suspend the implementation of the resolution on the construction of this motorway and to hold additional public and expert discussions. Such discussions have already taken place, but given that the issue has provoked a very strong response, I believe it would do no harm to return to these discussions and to conduct them once again. That would be the right thing, to ensure we dot all the i’s.

Naturally, I do not predetermine the outcome. But given the concern experienced today by a significant number of Muscovites, as well as the initiatives and the petitions that have been made to me, this decision must be implemented.

August 26, 2010