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Protocol on amendments to the Agreement on Collateral for Payment of Customs Duties and Taxes has been submitted to the State Duma for ratification

July 13, 2012

Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma for ratification the Protocol on Amendments and Addenda to the Agreement on Certain Matters in Providing Collateral for Customs Duties and Taxes for Goods Transported in Accordance with Customs Procedures of Customs Transit, on Particularities in the Collection of Customs Duties and Taxes, and on Procedures of Transferring the Collected Amounts Applying to Such Goods of May 21, 2010, signed in Moscow on December 19, 2011.

The Protocol was drafted to ensure customs regulation within the common customs territory of the Customs Union.

The Protocol provides for the expansion of the list of grounds for exemption from paying collateral for customs duties and taxes. The Protocol amends the Agreement to stipulate that no collateral is required for taxes and duties on goods intended for personal use by diplomatic mission personnel, personnel of foreign consular institutions or personnel of similar international organisations and/or missions enjoying identical privileges, as well as family members residing with such personnel. This exemption is applied individually in respect of each transportation of the said goods subject to submission of a confirmation document from a foreign ministry, or diplomatic office, or a consular institution, or an international organisation and/or a mission enjoying identical privileges.

July 13, 2012