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Working meeting with Federal Customs Service Director Andrei Belyaninov

August 18, 2014, Sochi

Mr Belyaninov briefed Vladimir Putin on the Service’s current activities.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Belyaninov, how is your work going at the moment? What is the situation with the Customs Service’s plans, especially with regards to collecting duties?

Federal Customs Service Director Andrei Belyaninov: Mr President, we are set to meet in full all of our planned objectives for the year. There are no worries concerning either exports or imports, even though this is taking substantial effort on our part, but this is as it should be.

As for the Federal Customs Service’s readiness to implement the response measures that we are taking in accordance with your Executive Order, we have begun this work.

Vladimir Putin: In accordance with the European Union sanctions.

Andrei Belyaninov: Yes, in accordance with the European Union sanctions. We have planned this work, organised the activities to implement your Executive Order, and are working together with the customs services in Belarus and Kazakhstan, because these two countries’ economic interests are not in fact affected by all of the instructions that we have received. We believe that we can do everything needed to prevent poor quality goods from entering our territory. I think that we are capable of carrying out this task.

 Vladimir Putin: In other words, the Customs Service has the technical capability to achieve this?

 Andrei Belyaninov: Yes, Mr President, this is not a cause for concern. I am sure that we will be up to the task.

Vladimir Putin: Good.


August 18, 2014, Sochi