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Certain provisions of Article 35 of the Law On Customs Tariff declared no longer in force

June 28, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Declaring Certain Provisions of Article 35 of the Russian Federation Law on Customs Tariff No Longer in Force.

The Federal Law repeals certain provisions of the Russian Federation Law On Customs Tariff that stipulate the relevant terms for exempting companies from payment of customs duties on such products as natural gas liquids, crude oil (including oil and gas-condensate mixtures obtained due to technological characteristics of transporting crude oil and stable gas condensate via pipelines) and liquefied natural gas, being exported from the Russian Federation and obtained (produced) during the development of an offshore hydrocarbon deposit, 50 percent or more of which is located in the southern section of the Sea of Okhotsk (south of 55 degrees northern latitude).

These norms have not been applied since January 1, 2021.

June 28, 2022