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Amendments to laws on customs tariffs and on basic principles of state regulation of foreign trade activity

December 25, 2023

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Amendments to Law of the Russian Federation On the Customs Tariff and to Federal Law On Basic Principles of State Regulation of Foreign Trade Activity.

The Federal Law vests the Government of the Russian Federation with the authority to set, on instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, rates for export customs duties that differ from base rates of export customs duties, as well as to determine the conditions of their application, for a period of up to six months.

The Federal Law also clarifies the procedure for calculating the average price of Urals crude oil on world crude oil markets, which is used to calculate the rates of export customs duties on crude oil and certain categories of oil products.

In addition, the Federal Law vests the Government of the Russian Federation with the authority to set tariff quotas for the export of goods from the Russian Federation for no more than 12 months using a lower or zero rate of export customs duties compared to the base rate of export customs duties when exporting certain volumes of goods.

In this case, the goods must be produced on the territory of a Russian Federation constituent entity, which is subject to restrictive measures due to the unfriendly actions of certain foreign states towards the Russian Federation or whose geographical location has a negative impact on the formation of the product cost.

The Federal Law sets forth that import to and export from the Russian Federation of goods within the framework of the tariff quotas is carried out on the basis of import or export license, respectively, issued by a federal executive body authorised by the Government of the Russian Federation.

December 25, 2023