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Amendments to citizenship law

July 13, 2020

Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law On Amending the Federal Law on the Citizenship of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law On StateDactyloscopic Registration in the Russian Federation.

The Federal Law establishes the possibility of fast-tracking the acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation by a child, regarding whom an application for the citizenship of the Russian Federation was received from a legal representative, in case the child has become of age during the consideration of such an application.

In addition to this, the restriction is lifted on admitting to the citizenship of the Russian Federation able-bodied persons or persons who have able-bodied sons or daughters aged 18 or more and who are citizens of the Russian Federation.

The Federal Law gives the Ministry of Interior and its territorial bodies the right to carry out the mandatory state dactyloscopic registration of foreign citizens or persons without citizenship acquiring the citizenship of the Russian Federation. Corresponding amendments are made to the Federal Law On State Dactyloscopic Registration of the Russian Federation.

July 13, 2020