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Meeting with officers and prosecutors appointed to higher positions

April 9, 2015, The Kremlin, Moscow

A ceremony took place at the Grand Kremlin Palace’s St George Hall to present the officers and prosecutors who have been appointed to higher posts, and received higher military, special and class ranks.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrades,

I would like to congratulate you on your appointment to higher posts and new military, special and class ranks. This is a proper assessment of your achievements in ensuring national security, the nation’s defence capability and maintaining law and order.

I expect that in your new status you will have even greater success and will always serve as role models with your professionalism and loyalty. These are the qualities that have always distinguished Russian officers, helping them reliably defend their homeland and their people from external and internal threats.

In exactly one month, we will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. We will honour our veterans, paying our respects to all those who died defending this country’s freedom and independence.

It is our duty to always remember the lessons of that war. The peoples of Russia experienced extreme hardships as they fought Nazism. Therefore, we consider it unacceptable to encourage neo-Nazism, extremism, stir up inter-ethnic strife and escalate military threats.

We have always opposed interference in the affairs of sovereign states and the provocation of armed conflicts. Such practice with regard to countries in North Africa and the Middle East has led to an outbreak of terrorism there, while close to our borders it has led to a bloody drama in neighbouring Ukraine.

Today we can see that some countries are increasingly shifting their policy towards ‘unlimited preventive action’ of an offensive nature. This results in increasing potential conflicts in areas important for Russia, with new threats emerging that we cannot ignore.

In this connection, Russia will continue strengthening its security, primarily by improving its military organisation and actively cooperating with other countries that strive for peace, stability and development.

In the past years, we have been modernising our Armed Forces, making them up-to-date, mobile and capable of executing complicated tasks. Thus, last year we upgraded the aerospace defence system, created a powerful grouping of troops in Crimea and strengthened our Arctic security zone.

We have greatly enhanced the equipment and armament of the Armed Forces. The pace for implementing the state defence order is increasing: in 2014 it exceeded the plan. Combat training has been intensified: over 3,500 exercises of various level were held in the past year.

Mass inspections of all military districts, services and corps have been scheduled for this year. In addition, we will hold the Union Shield-2015 operational exercises jointly with Belarus and the Centre-2015 strategic exercises.

Military building and strengthening the nation’s defence potential will proceed systematically and consistently. We all understand that this is a vital factor of Russia’s sovereign and stable development, a precondition for a peaceful life for millions of our compatriots.

Law enforcement agencies play an important part in combatting present-day threats to our internal security. Today people expect Interior Ministry employees to protect their rights, property and personal dignity, they expect you to improve public order and persistently combat crime and corruption. The Interior Ministry’s troops will continue making their significant contribution to anti-terrorist operations and the protection of Russia’s territorial integrity and constitutional system.

Law enforcement agencies should continue focussing on extremist crimes. Enhanced security measures should be in place during the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Maintaining law and order in the social sphere remains in the focus of attention of the Prosecutor’s Office of Russia. This includes the timely payment of salaries and pensions and the complete provision of social benefits.

We need to monitor compliance with the law in such a sensitive area as housing and utilities and react to any violations of entrepreneurs’ rights without delay, preventing excessive inspections.

Investigative Committee employees should also upgrade the quality of their work. A carefully selected and validated body of evidence is the foundation for solving the most complicated crimes and selecting a fair punishment for those found guilty.

The Federal Security Service is working with professionalism and efficiency. Thus, since the year began its employees have already prevented three terrorist crimes, detained more than 120 gang members and neutralised 20 militants, including three of their leaders.

I expect to see you act in the same proactive manner in other areas as well. Primarily this applies to counterintelligence, ensuring economic security, combatting corruption, embezzlement and improper use of budgetary funds.

In turn, I am confident that the Federal Security Service Border Service will continue reliably protecting Russia’s borders from terrorists, smugglers and illegal immigrants.

We are making greater demands now to the Foreign Intelligence service. Long-term state policy decisions on national security depend on your timely and reliable information, on the precision of your analysis and forecasts.

Employees of the Federal Guard Service are carrying out their duties diligently. I am certain that you will continue performing a broad range of tasks with quality and efficiency, including the protection of top state officials and Russia’s foreign guests, and provide the top authorities with all means of special communications.

Employees of the Federal Drug Control Service are fighting organised drug crime with ever growing efficiency. Today they investigate over 80 percent of these crimes.

At the same time, the spread of traditional lethal drugs and appearance of new ones require that the Service enhance its efforts to locate and liquidate drug-dealing networks, specifically at recreational facilities, universities and other educational establishments.

Russian rescue workers are facing highly demanding tasks. It is of vital importance to enhance security in public places and at strategic facilities, in transport and in key sectors of the economy, to keep the situation with flooding under control as the spring floods approach, and to make a greater effort to prevent forest fires.

The organisation and support of humanitarian aid by the Emergencies Ministry is acquiring ever greater importance. Last year and at the start of this year Russia provided humanitarian aid to more than 20 countries. Twenty humanitarian convoys have been sent to the southeast of Ukraine alone, where the humanitarian situation has become grave.

The Federal Penitentiary Service should step up its efforts. It is important to ensure legally specified detention conditions, to continue modernising and optimising the infrastructure of detention facilities and to raise the level of organised employment of the detained and their medical care.

The Special Facilities Service makes a significant contribution to ensuring the nations’ security. Stable state and military administration largely depends on your efficiency.


In conclusion, I would like once again to congratulate you on your new appointments, new ranks, and a new step in your careers. I am certain that you will continue doing everything necessary to meet your targets and to serve Russia honestly and with dedication.

I wish you success.



Once again, I would like to congratulate you on your new appointments and new ranks. I sincerely wish you success.

Your work scope will become greater, there will be greater responsibility, and we will expect corresponding performance from you. Your job is not easy. However, Russia is on the rise, it is growing stronger and a lot depends on how fast this is done and how well you perform.

I wish you all the best and every success.

April 9, 2015, The Kremlin, Moscow