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Ceremony to present senior officers and prosecutors to the President

May 31, 2018, The Kremlin, Moscow

A ceremony was held in the Kremlin to present senior officers and prosecutors appointed to higher command positions and awarded higher military (special) titles and ranks.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, comrade officers,

I welcome you at the official ceremony in the Kremlin. Congratulations on your appointment to higher command positions and the conferment of higher military ranks.

This is an important step in your careers, since your appointments and titles are not only a recognition of your professional and personal excellence, but primarily a sign of new responsibility and the high trust that was placed in your ability to deal with serious tasks.

In terms of the military, this refers to further developing the Army and the Navy. We have recently discussed priorities in this field at a meeting in Sochi. This includes strengthening the nuclear triad, improving weapons systems used by the Aerospace Forces and the Navy, and ensuring that all the services and branches of the Armed Forces develop in a balanced way.

Just as before, special attention must be paid to combat training of troops. Let me reiterate that the combat readiness of our Armed Forces, their equipment with advanced weapons and, most importantly, the courage and valour of the Russian soldiers and officers are essential for safeguarding Russia’s sovereignty and independence, ensuring national interests and safety of our citizens, it is a guarantee of a global balance of power and peace on the planet.

Comrade officers,

The FSB staff is facing many tasks, primarily in countering terrorism. Statistics show that the number of terrorist crimes has been declining in the past few years. At the same time, it is necessary to enhance the capabilities of the entire system of fighting terrorism and extremism and consistently identify and eliminate the undercover terrorist cells. I hope you will do a good job in other key areas as well: counterintelligence, state border protection, and anti-corruption efforts.

More is required of the Foreign Intelligence Service given the complicated international situation. I have no doubt that its employees will continue working efficiently in all areas of your responsibility.

I would like to note that the personnel of the Federal Guard Service (FSO) are fulfilling their tasks at the proper level. I am sure that the substantial operational and technical capabilities of the FSO will allow you to continue acting with the same reliability and efficiency.

Russia’s development as a law-based democratic state should be buttressed by successes in countering crime and protecting the rights and freedoms of its citizens. This is a direct duty of the law enforcement agencies. This year the Russian police will mark its 300th anniversary. I would like to wish success to all of its employees. It is important to increase the percentage of cases solved and enhance the effectiveness of work in protecting public order, countering drug trafficking and traffic violations and controlling migration.

The Federal National Guard Service bears special responsibility. Its well-trained, mobile and technically equipped units and divisions should act effectively in any situation and also reliably guarantee security in crowded places.

Prosecutor services play an important role in ensuring rule of law, protection of people’s rights and freedoms. One of your absolute priorities is to ensure legal order on labour and social issues. It is important to immediately respond to backdated wages, pensions and child benefits. It is also necessary to constantly oversee protection of the legal rights and interests of entrepreneurs.

I expect that the Investigative Committee will continue to improve its performance, guided primarily by the criteria of efficiently, investigating crimes and strictly observing constitutional rights and procedural rules.

One of the significant tasks for the new minister and the entire staff of the Emergencies Ministry is to supervise operation of facilities visited by large crowds of people. Special attention must be paid to fire safety in public places. I am asking you to strictly discipline your officers for negligence in their duties.

Among the key responsibilities of the Federal Penitentiary Service is to create conditions for the detention of suspects, defendants and convicts according to legal and international standards. Strict compliance with these rules is, among other things, important as a preventive measure that helps people to break the cycle of crime and puts them on the path to rehabilitation.

Finally, once again, congratulations on your new appointments and titles. I wish you and your loved ones all the best.


Commander of the 2Combined Arms Army Major General Rustam Muradov: nd Guards Red Banner Comrade Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

On behalf of the generals and admirals that are here in the Kremlin today and on my own behalf, let me sincerely thank you for the high praise of our performance in battle. We understand the full measure of responsibility we have in protecting our Motherland. I can say for sure that we can and will reliably defend Russia’s sovereignty.

In recent years, we have done a lot to strengthen the Armed Forces. Their combat capability is growing, the planned re-armament is underway, and the pace of combat training is increasing. Personnel are learning how to use advanced equipment and military hardware. Their professional skills are improving thanks to their experience fighting international terrorism in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Your personal participation in developing the Armed Forces is a big reason why these tasks are being successful carried out.

Comrade Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I can report that the 2nd Army under my command is combat ready, disciplined and capable of fulfilling any task.

According to 2017 results, the army achieved the best results in the Central Military District, with 12 units being designated strike forces. The brigade’s re-equipment with Iskander-M complexes has significantly increased the army’s fire power.

The army’s high level of training and combat readiness was confirmed during the snap inspection this April.

The officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers are all proud to serve in the Armed Forces, they are highly motivated, displaying moral stability and resilience.

Let me assure you that any tasks you set, regardless of scale or difficulty, will be fulfilled with high-quality and in time.

Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Adygeya Major-General Vladimir Alai: Comrade Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

Let me, on behalf of my colleagues, express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be present here, in the Kremlin, at this solemn reception. For each of us, this is a great honour, an important and unforgettable event.

We see our appointment to new positions and the conferment of special ranks as a sign of your trust and our personal responsibility for the expected results in the assigned area of ​​operational and official activities.

Today, the personnel of the Russian Federation law enforcement bodies face a complex criminal situation as they perform their duty. New types of criminality are appearing, including in high-tech areas, and existing types of criminality, primarily terrorist and extremist crimes, are becoming much more complicated.

At the same time, the operational situation in all regions of the country is under control. Police officers together with colleagues from other law enforcement agencies are putting up fierce resistance to criminals and reliably ensuring the safety of citizens and the rule of law in cities and towns both in their daily work and during international political and sports events.

Let me assure you, Comrade Supreme Commander-in-Chief, that we will do our best to fulfil the tasks set before the Interior Ministry and will wear our high general ranks with dignity and honour, justifying the high confidence of the country's leadership with our excellent service and our entire lives.


May 31, 2018, The Kremlin, Moscow