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Greetings on Interior Ministry Personnel Day

November 10, 2018

During a visit to Kikot Moscow University of the Interior Ministry of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed the current and former law enforcement officers and congratulated them on their professional holiday.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers, veterans,

I wish you a happy holiday – Interior Ministry Personnel Day.

You have chosen a difficult occupation, one that is more than a job – it is your destiny. Because when you are handed a service weapon or are vested with special authority, your shoulders immediately feel an enormous weight of responsibility for performing these executive duties.

Law enforcement officers have always enjoyed a special respect in our country, those of them who honestly and diligently carry out their duties.

It took decades for the police traditions to establish. I would now like to go back to the veterans and thank them for what they have already done for their country, for our people and the service, and for what they are doing today as they share their experience with young police officers.

It is a special service, of course, as it requires cutting-edge knowledge and modern technology and equipment handling skills which we saw here today inside this leading educational establishment of the Interior Ministry.

But a successful service record has always been and will be grounded in the main qualities and principles that a police officer is guided by: personal integrity, honesty, commitment to their job and duty.

We know of examples, including in recent history, and we will never forget our comrades who gave the most valuable thing they had – their lives – for the sake of serving their people, country and our citizens.

I would like to congratulate your family members and wish them health and patience. I am sure that traditions of mutual respect, support for each other and love will be growing in your families because without that one can be neither happy at home nor have a successful service record.

Happy holiday and good luck!

November 10, 2018