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Congratulations on the Interior Ministry Personnel Day

November 10, 2020

The President congratulated current officers and veterans of Russia’s Interior Ministry bodies on their professional holiday.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers,

Please accept my congratulations on your professional holiday, Interior Ministry Personnel Day.

Protecting public order, life, safety and human rights is truly a noble, important, very challenging and often dangerous work. It requires strong will and composure, honesty and decency, respect for the dignity of every individual, readiness to withstand high pressure, not to retreat before the challenges and, following duty and oath, faithfully serve the law and the people of Russia.

Such strong, deep traditions of courage and true patriotism were laid and consolidated during decades by many generations of seasoned law enforcement officers.

Today, I would like to especially congratulate veterans, wish you good health, and again thank you for your loyalty to your professional duty and willingness to share your unique experience and lead younger officers by personal example.

They look up to you and, I am sure, will not let you down and deal effectively with the most challenging problem in any circumstances. We can see this today, when the Interior Ministry officers act decisively in difficult and extraordinary circumstances amid the coronavirus epidemic, ensuring public order and contributing to implementing the most critical and urgent measures designed to protect life and safety of our citizens.

Of course, your daily work aimed at resolutely fighting terrorism and extremism, drug trafficking, organised crime and corruption continues uninterrupted. Efforts to counteract new threats such as cybercrime are increasing. Much has been done to further improve road traffic safety and to prevent violations of migration legislation.

I ask you continue to act decisively and in principled manner in the interest of our citizens and the entire country, to seek fair punishment for those who break the law, to engage even more energetically and substantively in prevention of offences, especially among young adults and adolescents.

Of course, maximum openness to society, reliance on people's trust and respect remain the most important requirement to all law enforcement officers with the Interior Ministry acting as the key link. Their opinion, their unbiased assessments have always been and will be the most important criteria for assessing the Interior Ministry bodies’ effectiveness.

I want to wish you new significant achievements, every success in your service, mutual understanding and love in your families, and reliable support of your families and friends.

Once again, congratulations on your professional holiday!

November 10, 2020